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Black Ops Airsoft

If you are new to the game of airsoft, or a mom trying to book a party or rentals for you kids, these terms will help guide you through the process. Now you and your kids will be on the same page.

Airsoft – a military simulation sport where players compete in mock combat. Replicas of military-style weapons and tactics are used to defeat the opposing side.  Unlike paintball, airsoft uses 6mm round BBs made of hard plastic.

Honor System – The ethical conduct system used by airsoft to acknowledge they have been hit. A player should loud and clearly acknowledge they have been hit and also waive their dead rag to signify to others they are out.

Airsoft Rental– The Black Ops rental equipment includes an HPA rifle set up, face protection, mags, speedloader, and a dead rag. This is everything required to play on our field.

Walk-On – A walk-on player is a player who has their own equipment and they just pay entry fees

AEGAutomatic Electric Gun is the most common used airsoft weapon. It uses a battery and a motor and piston to shoot the BB.

CO2– A gas most people are familiar with is commonly used in most airsoft pistols. A small amount of gas is used to fire the BB. CO2 cartridges are expendable but cheap to replace.

Green Gas – Mostly propane with a little silicone oil added in with the smell removed. This is also mostly used in airsoft pistols as a form of power. Since green gas has silicone oil added in, it acts as a natural lubricant for the airsoft pistol.

HPA High Pressure Air is among some of the newest forms of power for airsoft. HPA is essentially a scuba tank except smaller that has an airline that runs to the airsoft gun. HPA is commonly used in paintball but is steadily making headway into the airsoft arena.

BBs– Most BBs are a 6mm dense plastic. All of our BBs are a high quality purchased from very reputable vendors. BBs can vary in weight depending on what they are being used for and the conditions being played in.

MED Minimum Engagement Distance is the closest you can get to another player when shooting. Certain guns can have difference in shooting power therefore distance rules are put into affect to keep everyone safe.

Dead Rag – A red piece of cloth that is used to signify a player is “dead” or out.

Goggles – Goggles are used to cover the eyes in order to prevent permanent eye damage. We STRONGLY recommend full seal goggles which means the goggle fully seals around the eyes so nothing can come through.

Mesh Mask – A tightly woven breathable mask that is used to protect the lower part of the face(cheeks, chin mouth)

  **ALL players under the age of 18 are REQUIRED to have a google and mesh mask on at all times on the field**

FPSFeetPer Second is a unit that measures the speed at which a BB is traveling.

Joules – is a measure of Kinetic Energy rather than speed. This is the unit of measurement we use here at Black Ops. It is a more reliable way to gauge the a BB will strike its target.

Myrtle Beach has a large airsoft following so you will be sure to have a great time. Seasoned player or brand new we have everything you need. Click learn more for pricing, rules, and classifications