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Quick Details

Open Play Fayetteville Park Saturdays and Sundays
Entry & Rental

At Black Ops Airsoft, we provide various amenities for your convenience and enjoyment, including the “Elite Force Pavilion,” restroom facilities, ample parking, the Tippmann CQB indoor arena, and expansive playing fields spanning over 40 acres, exclusively dedicated to Airsoft activities. Our array of game modes ensures diverse gameplay, and we are receptive to fresh scenarios. Feel free to converse with our referees, who will strive to integrate any creative concepts you might have.

Prior to joining the action, ensure you visit the pro-shop to complete your entry payment and receive your wristband. It’s crucial to have this wristband, as access to the airsoft field requires it. Those found participating without a wristband will be requested to exit the field.

For comprehensive regulations governing field conduct, please refer to the “RULES” section. Additionally, the “Classification Bracket” provides information about joule limits. We maintain a strict policy against rule infractions to ensure an optimal experience for everyone. Any individuals found violating the rules will be asked to depart for the day without a refund.