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a person holding a baseball bat

Are you new to paintball or are you a parent trying to book something for your kids? Check out these terms and let them help you…..

Paintball (aka Field Paint)- the paintballs we use are made of a biodegradable plant material. The inside of the paintball is starch and oil mixture which can be dyed to different colors. These paintballs are washable and will not stain most clothing or skin.  Our paint is a custom blend designed to break on impact for a great experience.

  • .68cal Paint- This is the standard size of paintballs we use in most rentals and gameplay
  • .50cal Paint (Low Impact) -This is smaller paintballs used in out Low Impact paintball packages. This is most appropriate for new or younger players.

FPS(Feet Per Second)– This is the speed at which we measure paintballs meaning how many feet will a paintball travel after being shot. We require a strict 300 FPS limit at our field for all markers.

Marker-This is the correct term for the “paintball gun.”  A paintball marker is not a gun because a gun is a weapon which causes severe/potentially lethal injury and this is not something we want paintball to be associated with.

Hopper-The object that rest on top of the paintball marker that holds the paintballs

Air– The markers are propelled by an HPA(High Pressure Air) tank on the back.

Open Play– A reservation is not required and you are free to come in during business hours. We have open play Friday-Sunday

Walk-On – A person who is participating in open play meaning you do not have a reservation

Rental Equipment – paintball marker and face mask

Speedball – A form of paintball that is turned into a competitive sport. Speedball is played on certain enclosed fields and is played like soccer or hockey but with shooting added in.

Woodsball – The act of playing paintball in the woods

Scenario Game – A game style that is typically a 2-3 day event generally played in the woods. This is basically like real life Call of Duty or Risk.  Black Ops host a few of these throughout the year at both the North & South Carolina locations