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Chad Bouchez & Ronnie Dizon 2023 Pro Clinic

Ronnie Dizon was ready for a visit to Myrtle Beach so Chad sprung him from Chicago! Ronnie and Chad both showed up to Black Ops in Myrtle Beach ready to teach! With the limited registration these guys were one on one with all the players. After a week of watching the weather and it saying…

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April 10, 2023

JT Triad Loader

The ALL NEW JT Triad loader has landed at Black Ops in Fayetteville. You can come check it out but beware you will want to buy it once you do. The loader features a smooth, thin, and very light design with a locking body. It also has a dual lid so you get your speed…

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February 21, 2023

Field One Dealer

Field One was started by some of the original members of San Diego Dynasty in 2016.  The team purchased assets from Bob Long, one of the founding members of tournament paintball, to continue the legacy of innovating paintball continually. When Ryan Greenspan and Kyle Spicka returned to Black Ops for their Pro Clinic the team…

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September 28, 2022

Spick and Span Pro Clinic 2022

Ryan Greenspan and Kyle Spicka teaching plays at Black Ops Paintball Pro Clinic Ryan Greenspan at Spick and Span Pro Clinic 2022 Black Ops Paintball Kyle Spicka teaching at Black Ops Paintball Pro Clinic Ryan Greenspan teaching at Black Ops Paintball Pro Clinic Kyle Spicka Showing sliding techniques at Black Ops Paintball Pro Clinic  …

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August 24, 2022

Black Ops South Sound SOFT Opening

As most of you know Black Ops Paintball and South Sound Airsoft have joined together to bring you Black Ops South. We set to have our Grand Opening launch on June 18th and 19th. Due to some unforeseeable circumstances we are going to push the Grand Opening out just a bit further. We are now using the original dates to bring you a soft opening. We want to do our very best to bring you a great experience and if you know anything about Black Ops and South Sound Airsoft we do not do anything half way. Players of all skill levels are free to attend and we have rentals available for both paintball and airsoft. If you register for the soft opening use code softopen2022 in the Membership Code/Promo code box. This will give you a $10 discount on your…

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June 2, 2022

The Smackdown at The Oscars

The REAL Smackdown at the Oscars happened at Black Ops Paintball this past weekend. As a way to shed some light on some of the recent news our very own Chuck Garza designed a comedic one day scenario event in just 2 days. Players got to choose whether Team Rock or Team Smith and played through the scenario based on the events that unfolded at the Oscars and some of the most popular scenes from these actors movies. Right after the lunch break, the real smackdown happened when both teams got to pick a representative to participate in “The Roast” The winner collected his own Oscar and scored some extra points for the team. In the end Team Rock came out victorious despite the persistent attempts from Team Smith.   If you missed this one day scenario be sure to…

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April 6, 2022

Paintball Therapy

Have you ever thought about paintball as a form of therapy?  According to Julia Chandler, Playing paintball releases serotonin in our brains and this particular hormone is very important; it is also known as the ‘happy’ hormone!” The production and release of serotonin helps regulate our mood, memory, learning, which decreases chances of depression and anxiety. Many people have been put through paintball therapy especially veterans, recovering addicts, and gang members. Most of these people were admitted for a little “couch therapy”(talking with mental health advisor) before beginning paintball therapy. It was said by an author it is the intentions of the player that is the main focus. Some law enforcement officials have been against this if the therapy is not held at regulated paintball facility. Regardless of thoughts or feelings, it is clear that paintball transcends diversity. Players of…

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March 15, 2022

Something New Is On The Horizon for Lacey

As most of you know we have had a fully stocked pro-shop in Lacey for a few years. After a while of having the pro-shop, Black Ops Paintball and Airsoft became partners with South Sound Airsoft. South Sound Airsoft has provided our customers with a perfect place to play airsoft and Black Ops Paintball and…

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January 31, 2022

Just Deux It by Action Scenario Events

Just Deux It presented by Actions Scenario Events was amazing! This was the first time ASE put on an event at Black Ops Paintball and Airsoft and it could not have went better. Even with snow/ice could not stop Just Deux It from continuing on. If you missed this event then go register for I Am Legend right now! Here’s what one of the generals had to say about it and it was her first time as a general! I had an absolute blast and I know everyone who attended had a fun time. The amount of time, attention to detail, and work that Ryan Sexton put into this production showed. The missions were epic and a whole ton of fun and the session play made it run smoothly. The staff at Black Ops and the refs did a great job…

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January 24, 2022

Zombie Hayride & Haunted House

Black Ops Paintball Zombie Hayride and Haunted House Black Ops Paintball Zombies Black Ops Paintball Zombie Hayride The Zombie Hayride & Haunted House are Black Ops’ largest attractions and one of the best in NC. We have been putting on this production for four years now and we make sure to improve it every time. …

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September 28, 2021