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Chad YAYA Bouchez 2023

Ronnie Dizon was ready for a visit to Myrtle Beach so Chad sprung him from Chicago! Ronnie and Chad both showed up to Black Ops in Myrtle Beach ready to teach! With the limited registration these guys were one on one with all the players. After a week of watching the weather and it saying it was going to rain, the weather could not have been better.

Day 1

The clinic began with some introductions so everyone could be acquainted and new friendships made. After a quick warm up the players were divided into teams of 5 for some 5 on 5 skill level and communication test. After a break for lunch and a morning recap the rest of the day was spent playing some challenging points. With every point ran Ronnie and Chad would assess the play and break it down to each player in their position. If players made the same mistake over and over it was time to “Take a lap”

Day 2

The day was started off with some quick warm ups and then the drills were started. 5 v 5s starting in your bunker, 4 v 4s on the box and corners, pocket drills, 1 v 1s and 2 v2s. Drill after drill was a strong teaching lesson making sure each player knew where they could improve but also noticing what the players were doing right. Sunday concluded with the guys favorite drill they deemed “Bloody Knuckles” with one player behind a bunker constantly shooting the other player had to snap out and retaliate without getting shot.


At the end everyone was super tired, all the paint was shot, but so much was learned and the amount of laughs had couldn’t be counted. The Black Ops team can’t wait for the next time we can have Ronnie and Chad back. Be sure to get your registration in for the Ryan Greenspan and Kyle Spicka clinic.