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Bones & Ashes 2023

Bones & Ashes 2023

Started out with a somewhat relaxed early Friday check in and camping load in. All players had a chance to walk the field and see all the changes the Black Ops crew has made since last year.  When the sun went down it was time for the best game of dodgeball you have ever played. All players were welcomed onto the 5 man sized speedball field to meet at the 50 if they dared to grab a ball. Smiles were on the faces of both old and young. When the darkness rolled in it was time to decide who got to choose how the game kicked off. Glow sticks were hidden all over the park by the CHAR for the red and blue team to find. Blue team came out on top.

Saturday always begins bright and early with just a small chill in the air for players to do any final registration/check in and prepare for the long day ahead. At 11am the battle began! Chuck Garza the reigning commander showed up ready to defend his past years of winning. Rob “Slim Thick” Maryland was here to do all he could to snatch the win! Back and forth all day long with intense battles, strategic plays on mission, fending off the CHAR, and the best weather you could ask for made it the perfect day for some paintball. As the game settled with the sun everyone turned to back to the speedball field for American Gladiators and the best beef sandwich from Chicago you’ve ever had.

Sunday came in sunny but the excitement was there to kick this day in the butt. The sides switched and off we went to finish this strong. Red was pushing hard to keep their historic title. In the end there’s only one way to finish out a Bones & Ashes and that’s with a final battle on the mounds field. All the players separated to the left and right waiting with intensity for the whistle. When the whistle blew, a wall of paintballs filled the air and for 30 minutes there was shooting and running for slapsticks.

In the end it was Rob “Slim Thick” Maryland that came out with the win snatching the title from Chuck! With that we call this years game to a close.