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Cape Fear Rebellion V Black Ops Airsoft

Cape Fear Rebellion V  

This years Cape Fear Rebellion was one of the best yet! If you missed it, we hope you will join us for the next one.

Friday started with early players loading into camping and getting set up. As our afternoon set in chrono began for the night game in CQB. This battle would decide who would decide who started where in the field. In the end it was decided green team starting on the airsoft side and tan starting by paintball mounds.

Saturday morning was a busy morning with more players arriving and getting set for the weekend. As soon as the game started the battle was on. Green team out of the gate was leading heavy guns and intense mission plays. They were very smart in playing the small missions to gradually accumulate points and very smart in how they negotiated deals for prisoners. Tan team had the idea of heavy gun battles and going for the big ticket missions for points.

Sunday was the day to bring this all together. The weather started out not so nice with a gloomy drizzle but that did not stop the players from getting out there. Green machine was back out there hitting it hard with tan on their heels all day long. The points came down to the final mission of the game where both commanders and XOs had to retrieve a sensitive item and bring it back to command. While in possession of this item they were invisible. At the very end both commanders and XOs came running for the command booth at the same time. Matt and Nate from green team made it to the command booth 1st and started negotiations with commander Roger to cash in as many last minute points as possible. This bartering took all but 1 minute of the clock for the tan team to try and do any literal last minute negotiations.


Green Team Matt and Nate won the battle in the end. Be sure to catch the Next Cape Fear Rebellion coming Spring of 2024. We hope to see you at Black Ops Airsoft. Be sure to follow all social media to stay up to date on what’s going on.