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Red Team-Terrorist

Blue Team-Americans


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Infidel is going to be an EPIC summer ending game! Perfect for players of all skill levels.



Iraq’s ground forces invaded and occupied Kuwait. Most of the world’s oil production, and the developed world’s economy, was placed in imminent threat by Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. In response, the United States promptly assembled an international coalition to attack and expel Iraqi forces out of Kuwait, and to eliminate Hussein’s capability to repeat such an act in the future. What followed would forever transform the face of war.

An eye raising concern within the western world was the major threat Iraq posed to the neighboring country of Saudi Arabia. With money being one of the main factors in the conflict tensions began to rise in the west. After a record breaking spike in arms sales Iraq was left in debt to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Iraq attempted to pressure both sides to forgive their $14 billion dollar debt, but both sides refused causing an uproar with the neighboring countries. With oil prices soaring through the roof so did the tension for war to erupt.

The war has begun and the US has finally decided to step in to bring an end to the chaos. By launching Operation Infidel which consisted of Air and Land attacks the coalition forces realized they might have stirred up an angry hornets nest. Years went by and the war is still raging, will there ever be an end to this madness? Will Iraq push the coalition out or will Operation Infidel be the end of the Iraqi uprising? Only through perseverance and might  will one side come out victorious.