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Gel Blasters Party

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$ 350

Gel Blasting is a great activity for those young ballers who aren’t quite ready for the regular play. Gelletts are small water filled beads kind of like tiny water balloons!

The little blasters are very light and easy to handle for youngsters. They will feel like a real paintballer but no mess to clean up and the perfect way to get them introduced to the sport. This is one sport moms definitely approve.

This party covers you for 12 players each person gets 2 gelly hoppers filled with gellets(about 1500 rounds) and if you feel like that’s not enough, you can buy as many more hoppers as you want. Oh wait, and if you wanna take the gel blasting fun home after your party, we sell the full gel blasting set-ups right in our pro-shop. They make the perfect last minute birthday gift.