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Tuesday March 22nd at about 1am three scumbags broke into Black Ops Paintball in Fayetteville and stole about $20,000 worth of paintball markers, took about $400 worth of cash, and about $100 worth of donations going to the A.I.M. Athletic Foundation that provides FREE Paintball/Airsoft to Veterans, Gold Star Families, kids with cancer, or any others who are disenfranchised.

Black Ops is offering $1,000 to anyone who provides the information leading to the capture of these 3 scumbag stooges

The local authorities have been on the scene collecting prints, shoe prints, and even the tire prints from the car. The VERY unintelligent scumbags ONLY stole markers of high end value that ALL have serial numbers on them. Please see the numbers below. Most likely they will try to sell these for money.

Stolen Markers & Serial Numbers

Make Model Color SN

Empire AXE 2.0 Dust Black AX2BB5641

Empire AXE 2.0 Dust Black AX2BB4349

Empire AXE 2.0 Dust silver Gold AX2SO0932

Empire AXE 2.0 Dust Orange Aqua AX2OA0493

Empire AXE 2.0 Dust Gold Silver AX2SG0704

Empire AXE 2.0 Dust Brown Green AX2NN0538

Planet Eclipse 170R Silver 17150-34209

Plannet Eclipse 170R Navy Blue Gray 17150-33751

Plannet Eclipse 170R HDE Urban 17150-33719

Plannet Eclipse 170R HDE Earth 17150-31476

Plannet Eclipse 170R Black 17150-30625

Plannet Eclipse 170R Gray Teal 17150-34872

Plannet Eclipse GEO 4 Moonstone 18120-46883

Plannet Eclipse GEO 4 Amethyst 18120-48832

Plannet Eclipse GEO 4 Fire Opal 18120-48705

Plannet Eclipse EGO LV 1.6 Moonstone 19120-47039

Plannet Eclipse EGO LV 1.6 Fire Opal 19120-46686

Plannet Eclipse EGO LV 1.6 Emerald 19120-50085

Plannet Eclipse EGO LV 1.6 Amethyst 19120-50059

Shocker AMP Pewter/Black AMP-5820

Shocker AMP Purple/Black AMP-3172

Shocker AMP Blue/Black AMP-2895

Shocker AMP Green/Black AMP-5844

Lux TM40 Dust Gold Polish Gold TM-2540

Lux TM40 Dust Red Polish Red TM-3127

Lux TM40 Dust Black Polish Black TM-2852

Lux TM40 Dust Teal Polish Teal TM-2717

Lux TM40 Dust White Polish White TM-1846

Thief at Black Ops Paintball

Shoe Print Robber Black Ops Paintball

Shoe Print Robber Black Ops Paintball

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