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Have you ever thought about paintball as a form of therapy?  According to Julia Chandler, Playing paintball releases serotonin in our brains and this particular hormone is very important; it is also known as the ‘happy’ hormone!” The production and release of serotonin helps regulate our mood, memory, learning, which decreases chances of depression and anxiety.

Many people have been put through paintball therapy especially veterans, recovering addicts, and gang members. Most of these people were admitted for a little “couch therapy”(talking with mental health advisor) before beginning paintball therapy. It was said by an author it is the intentions of the player that is the main focus. Some law enforcement officials have been against this if the therapy is not held at regulated paintball facility.

Regardless of thoughts or feelings, it is clear that paintball transcends diversity. Players of all gender, race, mental health status, or economical class can come out and have fun and hopefully after this fun they feel better. At Black Ops Paintball we are a facility ran by a medically retired veteran and we are here to spread the word of the impact paintball on the lives of its players.