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Gel Blasting

Gel Blaster




Black Ops always seems like a place for older children, but we did not forget about your little ones. Gel Blasting is PERFECT for small kids or new players or may be little timid about paintballs or airsoft. Gel Blasters are very light weight and easy to wield so there is no worry about your little ones lugging around a clunky paintball or airsoft marker. The gellets are made just like Orbeez so they are made with water and leave NO MESS like paintball.  We start players out at the age of 4 so it is perfect for your little ones.

If you are a mom looking to book a party for your older kids you can also get together with the other moms and also book a Gel Blaster party so everyone is in on the fun and you don’t have to sit inside with the little ones while the big kids play. You can always extend your party longer at no extra cost to you as long as we do not need the Gel Blasters for another party and continue to purchase gellets.

This is one party your kids will be sure to talk about for weeks after their birthday.

What does your Gel Blaster party include?

-12 Gel Blasters

-Option to add on more players for $25 per person

-1500 gellets per person

-16 foot long table reserved for your party

-Option to make the party private for $50 more

-Relief for mom to kickback and relax while all the kids play

-NO MESS for mom to clean up