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Living Legends 2024

This year the Black Ops team decided to finally visit the famous Living Legends event hosted at Hells Survivor Paintball & Airsoft in Pinckney, Michigan. We were super excited to not only see the field and play Living Legends, but also to meet the new owners Marie and Byron.

Our trip from Fayetteville was a pretty easy 11 hour drive. Upon arriving to the field there was a beautiful well kept camping area with assigned spots, shower area, and more. The camping area was already filling up with players ready to get set up for a great weekend of paintball.

Friday was set up day for the production which was made very easy by Marie being ahead of the game and having everything set up and ready to go. While set up was happening we got the insider tour of the field from DJ Honu. The field was so beautiful and well manicured. The first thing you noticed was the lush green forrest making a pretty bunker rich environment in certain areas. The field has great trails to help navigate on foot or in golf cart. In the middle of the field was a beautiful castle with a drawbridge, stairs, and a cat walk that goes around the perimeter. There is a beautiful lake/pond that the field wraps around which makes for some interesting fighting tactics. In the very front of the field is where the REAL action happens. They call this “The Grinder” The Grinder is situated just inside the net line when red and blue enters spawn the grinder is immediately between them. We got the sudden insight this is where the final battle would happen.

Friday night was the party at The Frogs! Mad Frog and Momma Frog put together a wonderful crab boil making it a great time to sit and have a drink and catch up with all of our paintball family.

Saturday was game on with some beautiful weather we knew this was going to be a great day. We decided to hang out and catch with everyone and hopefully have some great conversations with these new owners and also get to see this famous Tiki Shack in action. The day seemed to fly by as it stayed action pack the whole time with the game in full swing watching from the Tiki Shack was perfect. As the day ended Blue team(Jacob Easter) had the lead in points, but red team had not given up yet.

Sunday was the day! We decided to jump in the game and get in on the action. We played with our paintball family and Marie and Byron. After a couple missions and a couple cases of paintballs later it was time to get ready for awards. After a super intense final battle, it was the blue team who came out on top.

Sunday evening while we all sat down with a celebratory rum drink, the only thing we could talk about was how much we couldn’t wait to come back next year for another amazing event. Hells Survivor is a must visit paintball park!

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