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Black Ops Paintball Zombie Hayride and Haunted House


Zombie Hunting 2022 Season Is Open

The zombie hayride and haunted house, voted one of the best in NC, is by far our biggest Halloween attraction every year. When you enlist as a zombie slayer you get to take a ride on our decked out Zombie Battle Trailer equipped with glow in the dark, zombie melting ammo. Zombies are too dumb to shoot so don’t worry about getting shot at, but beware, they do know how to attack. It is your job to help Black Ops keep these zombies at bay during the Halloween season. This is appropriate for all ages as long as they are able to take a seat and pull a trigger. This is definitely a target rich environment so make sure you have plenty of ammo. You definitely don’t want to run out of ammo. Zombies will know if you are left helpless and defenseless.


This year for the first time ever Black Ops has Zombie Slayer Merch. If you are brave enough to enlist and make it out alive you can snag some cool merchandise to brag to your friends. These shirts are VERY limited and we recommend purchasing yours with your booking. If you have never been on the Zombie Hayride this is your year to get in on the action and have some cool merchandise to go along with the experience.

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